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Image by Shelby Miller


Hiring a content writer means gaining a new member of the team. We will get to know each other better during projects, but here's a quick introduction to who I am and how I became a freelance writer!

Who am I?

As the "quiet one" in a family of six girls, I filled my days with words long before I discovered copywriting as a career. My love of reading and writing led me to a degree in journalism, where I learned how much I enjoy sharing other people's stories and messages.

Freelance content writing has given me the chance to connect and build relationships with people and businesses around the world. By giving their stories and organizations a voice, I've discovered the strength and power of the words I've loved for so long.

When I'm not searching for the perfect word, I am most often found with my parents, sisters, brothers-in-law, and 10 beautiful nieces and nephews. Nothing relaxes me more than baking, so my home is regularly filled with the smells of my latest bakes, including my many attempts to find decent gluten-free alternatives to my favorite treats. Florida-born-and-raised, I also enjoy reading at the beach and relaxing to the sound of a thunderstorm (though not at the same time). 


Since you're already here, you might as well see how I can help with your project. Drop me an email & I'll be in touch soon!

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